Texas House Approves ‘Tucker’s Law’

Texas House Approves ‘Tucker’s Law’

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Produced and published by KVUE.COM: Texas House Approves ‘Tucker’s Law’ for Education on Fentanyl Dangers | KVUE

One bill approved in the Texas House this week could do more to teach kids about what fentanyl could lead to. KVUE spoke with a Leander mother who’s pushing to maker her son Tucker’s death matter.

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Stefanie Turner lost her son, Tucker Roe, to fentanyl poisoning in 2021 and has pushed for legislation in his honor.

A bill that would require education about fentanyl prevention and awareness at Texas public schools is one step closer to becoming law after it passed through the Texas House on Tuesday.

House Bill 3908, also known as “Tucker’s Law,” was introduced by State Rep. Terry Wilson (R-Georgetown.)

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