Jake Ehlinger: Fearless 48, Forever 20.

Jake Ehlinger: Fearless 48, Forever 20.

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[Jena Ehlinger, Angel Mom:]

Jake, he was just joyful and always smiling. Very smart, played a lot of chess.

Was loving football.

He was very tough, probably thought he was a little invincible.

Jake didn’t want to die.

He watched a movie with his roommates, took a Xanax to get rid of some anxiety, try to sleep, deal with all the pressure he was dealing with.

That was it.

And then his sweet roommate had to find him.

I mean it’s like everything underneath you just got ripped out.

Sadly, I didn’t even know what fentanyl was when Jake died.

So scary out there right now.

You are playing Russian roulette every time you touch a drug.

It is a massive crisis in our country that is not being handled how it needs to be handled.

One person got to carry out the 48 flag the season after Jake died, and so that’s them getting ready to come out of the tunnel.

As parents, one of our biggest fears is that people will forget our child.

And you just want them to say their name.

Just to continue to say their name.

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