Fentanyl Poisoning Awareness Month

Fentanyl Poisoning Awareness Month

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Hi. My name is Stephanie Turner and I’m the founder of Texas Against Fentanyl.

House Bill 3144 designated October as “Fentanyl Poisoning Awareness Month,” so we have partnered with Bluebonnet trails and we’re launching a campaign for the whole month of October where we’re bringing you informative videos, education, and resources around fentanyl.

The first week is just general facts about Fentanyl and what we are up to.

Week two, we’re going to focus on our Angel Family Network—those who have lost loved ones to fentanyl.

Our third week will be our Teen Ambassador week, where we’ll hear from students and their perspective.

We’re starting week four by showcasing Naloxone, the life-saving medication.

Week five will be focusing on law enforcement.

Our goal with this campaign is to be broad-reaching and to get this information to as many homes as possible, so please continue to share and stay tuned for every day, as we’ll have a new video released.

Thank you so much.

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